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Warranty: 90-Day
Core Charge: $100.00
PCB: CPU 1400-5 SYSTEM 38K
Freight Only No
This is a new CPU board (PCB-0030) for the Fadal CNC88(HS) control, which is located in slot #5 of the control card rack. This card has two component connections 1) the software module (PCB-0159) required for operation and 2) the optional memory upgrade. You are not required to add extended memory; however, the board only comes with about 38Kb of memory by itself. We recommend upgrading for better performance by adding expanded memory (PCB-0041 for 1/2Mb, PCB-0042 for 4MB, or PCB-0044 for 16Mb). Note: The old 1400-5A can only be upgraded with the PCB-0041. has no affiliation with Fadal Engineering or any of their related companies.