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From the beginning of time with Fadal machines, Harowe resolvers have been specified for all DC servo driven CNC mills. They are inexpensive compared to other feedback devices used in an industrial setting, but still quite precise using the infinitely variable sine/cosine signals. They do wear out, so follow this link to determine if yours needs replacing:

How to Test Resolvers (pdf)

Purchased through the OEM directly, you can pay in excess of $1000. Even assembled with the Temperature Board, you will pay over $250 each through various sources.

Why not reuse the Temperature Board and just solder a new unit on? It's simple and saves you significant money for just 20 minutes of work!

Installation Tip: Place resolver on motor stand-off resolver mount. Push firmly into the indent and screw down all three clamping screws tightly. Now proceed with tightening the resolver/motor coupler to the resolver shaft. This is the last step. If you reverse the order of this process, you will put excessive preload on the resolver end bearings and premature failure is imminent. has no affiliation with Fadal Engineering or any of their related companies.