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Gibs & Straps

Gibs & Straps

Fadal box way machines use 4 different styles of gibs and one strap assembly of specific sizes:

Gibs come in many sizes such as 5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch. Straps are made with Turcite because of the lasting qualities. Bronze gibs were introduced as an alternative to Turcite, because of the lower cost to produce and problems with the glue or epoxy coming loose and making the table list - a real problem back in the day. has fixed the problem with the epoxy by simply using materials of superior quality, which were unavailable years ago. Our Turcite gibs are made of aluminum and the glue sticks for years, thus you have the advantage of low maintenance on your machine like you find with the high-end Japanese CNC manufacturers.

Bronze is a cheaper solution; however, Turcite will give you far less headaches over the course of time. It was originally developed by NASA as a non-stick material and manufacturers have found that with the proper amount of lube such as Mobile Vactra #2, the Turcite shows minimal wear verses the bronze counterpart. America loves choices, and yours are below!

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