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Phase Converters

Rotary Phase Converters

High quality electrical rotary converters producing three-phase power when only single-phase is available!

Our phase converters are comparable to three-phase utility power. Every unit is balanced resulting in outstanding performance with cool and quiet operation. The three-phase power is +-5% - 7% leg-to-leg, compared to +-20% leg-to-leg specs from competing rotary phase converters. You can expect years of trouble free service from our phase converters.

Rotary Phase Converter Benefits:

  • Designed for CNC operation where clean, regulated power is required
  • Balanced power under all load conditions for even the most demanding applications
  • Does not require excessive consumption of power to start
  • Start or stop motors without limitations or sequences
  • Locked rotor, full load torque, breakdown torque, and full horse power are achieve as if connected to three-phase power
  • Simple to configure and install
  • 1-Year Warranty

The most common units are priced below; however, larger sizes are available. Note: Please allow 3-4 days lead time for rotary phase converters up to 20HP, and 1-2 weeks lead time for over 20HP.

ModelRotary SizeCNC Rated HPFadalCNC Pricing
RPC-10 10HP 10HP $1,157
RPC-15 15HP 15HP $1,585
RPC-20 20HP 20HP $1,850
RPC-25 25HP 25HP $2,264
RPC-30 30HP 30HP $2,521
RPC-40 40HP 40HP $3,085


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Phase Converters

A digital phase converter should be as good as utility three-phase, maybe even better.

Phase Technologies, LLC uses the latest advances in solid-state power switching technology to produce a phase converter unlike any other. Digital control ensures that the power from Phase Perfect® is always balanced from no-load to full-load conditions. Now you can operate all types of three-phase equipment without worrying about voltage balance. For more information, click here

Phase Perfect Benefits:

  • Balanced three-phase power under all load conditions for even the most demanding applications
  • Pure sine wave output voltage allows operation of the most sensitive equipment
  • Electronic power factor correction to near unity (.99) under all load conditions
  • 97% efficiency typical
  • Protects operated equipment from over-voltage, under-voltage, and single-phasing
  • Simple to configure and install
  • 1-Year Warranty

To understand more about Phase Conversion Technology, please read this white paper by Dr. Larry Meiners, Ph.D.

Note: When ordering Digital Phase Converters please allow 1 weeks lead time.

100% money back guarantee on all converters!  If its not right, send it back, no problem!  We will pay the shipping!

Phase Perfect® Product Selection & Specifications


ModelSizeThree-Phase Continuous Pricing
PT-330 10HP 36 Amps 120 lbs. $3,485
PT-355 20HP 64 Amps 145 lbs. $5,280
PT-380 30HP 96 Amps 180 lbs. $6,858
PT-3110 40HP 110 Amps 145 lbs. $10,560
PT-3160 60HP 160 Amps 180 lbs. $13,598


PT-330 Data Sheet PT-355 Data Sheet PT-380 Data Sheet PT-3110 Data Sheet PT-3160 Data Sheet

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