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Renishaw Innovations is your Renishaw Master Distributor

Renishaw innovations enhance precision, efficiency, and quality in metrology, motion control, machine calibration, dental CAD/CAM, and spectroscopy. is here to help. We are trained extensively in machine tool solutions from product knowledge to full installation and training. Please call if you need any help, product pricing, or availability questions: 208-855-9426


Laser Calibration and Machine Performance Monitoring

 In today's ultra competitive environment and the demands of modern industry to meet ever-tighter tolerances and comply with international quality standards, the performance of manufacturing machinery has never been more important.

Renishaw's Laser Interferometer and Ballbar Measurement Systems assess, monitor, and improve the static and dynamic performance of machine tools. They also co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM's) and other position-critical motion systems.



Laser Measurement Machine Tool Diagnostics CMM Diagnostics Training & Product Support Upgrades & Promotions


Ballbar Software Upgrades
Using the latest software gives you the latest reports, analysis, and many additional features. Software upgrades now available for a limited period, FREE OF CHARGE.


QuickviewXL™ Software
Easy-to-use software for real time, graphical views of XL-80 laser measurements data. Oscilloscope type analysis of system motion at up to 50 kHz.


Upgrade and Trade-in Options
Whether upgrading from a previous Renishaw laser system or from a competitor's system, Renishaw can offer a number of value for money upgrade and trade-in options.


Recalibration Services
Regular recalibration gives you confidence your equipment is performing within its accuracy specification and can be a requirement for QA systems. Check here for further information and details of services offered.


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CMM Probes, Software, and Retrofits

Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data. The world's leading range of touch-trigger and scanning measurement systems for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), plus the revolutionary Renscan5™ 5 axis scanning technology.


Renscan5® 5 axis Scanning Scanning Probes Touch-trigger Probes MODUS™ Software Renishaw Retrofit


CMM Support
Our new support section provides customer-specific downloads and instant support through our searchable FAQ section.



Renishaw Retrofit - our NEW 'one-stop-shop' CMM upgrade services
Give your CMM's a new lease on life, in combination with our new CAD-driven MODUS™ metrology software


Renishaw Changers
Free Renishaw changer racks and probe modules with every new PH10 head purchased from participating CMM suppliers


Extended Warranty
For peace of mind, a 3-year warranty is available for your new product during the first 3 months of use. Contact your vendor for details.



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Laser Encoder

Interferometer encoders provide the ultimate accuracy in linear position feedback. Renishaw's homodyne interferometer-based metrology solutions include fiber-optic beam delivery, integrated detector heads, and optional real-time quadrature compensation.



Fibre-optic Linear Encoder Fibre-optic X-Y System Differential Interferometer Real-time Compensator Accessories

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Incise™ - Affordable Dental CAD/CAM

Having established itself as the world's leading provider of in-lab scanning systems in recent years, Renishaw has now applied its renowned cutting-edge engineering technology to its incise dental CAD/CAM system. Focusing on precision at every stage, the result is a crown or bridge that not only looks great, but fits perfectly.


Scanner & CAD Full Milling System Training & Support

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Machine Tool Probes & Software

Renishaw probe solutions can help reduce setup times by up to 90%, and improve your process control. Renishaw provides solutions for tool setting, broken tool detection, component setup, in-cycle gauging and first-off inspection of parts, with automatic offset updates.


Component Setup
& Inspection
Tool Setting &
Broken Tool Detection
Powerful Software Benefits Calculator Upgrades & Offers


Probe benefits calculator
If you want to quickly calculate and see the benefits gained from probing on machine tools, then try using our new benefits calculator.




Machine tool probe selector
Quickly identify which probe would best suit your machine shop setup or inspection needs using our new machine tool probe selector.



New tool recognition system
The Renishaw TRS2 tool recognition system is a cost-effective solution for reliable, rapid broken tool detection on a wide range of machine tools and tool types.



Renishaw won Queen's Award
Renishaw won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2009 for the OMP400 high accuracy touch probe.




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Position Encoders

Renishaw offers a wide range of precision position feedback systems for a diverse range of linear and rotary motion applications.

From their range of robust magnetic encoders for incremental and absolute requirements, through to high speed optical linear encoders and precision optical angle encoders, Renishaw can meet your motion system requirements including ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. All systems have an established reputation for ease of setup and installation, plus minimal cost of ownership.

If you require the ultimate accuracy in linear position feedback then look at Renishaw range of interferometer-based laser encoders.


Magnetic Linear
& Ring Encoders
Magnetic Rotary Encoders Optical Linear Encoders Optical Angle Encoders Encoder Product Configurator



RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder
Breaking new ground in position feedback, RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder is capable of 1 nanometer resolution at up to 100 m/s.


Encoder product configurator
The new Encoder product configurator enables you to explore Renishaw's wide range of encoder systems and request the relevant information you need.


LM13 linear and ring magnetic encoder
New compact linear and ring magnetic encoder is ideal for harsh environments, tight spaces, and measuring lengths to 100 meters.



Refresh your motion systems.....
Just add TONiC™ - the first in a new line of super-compact optical encoders. TONiC™ offers exceptional speed, accuracy, and reliability.



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Styli for Touch Probes

A comprehensive range of precision-engineered styli for maximum measurement accuracy. Find styli and stylus accessories for Renishaw's CMM, machine tool and scanning probes, as well as for sensors from other manufacturers.


Stylus Configurator Styli for Inspection Styli for Scanning Styli for Zeiss Probes Styli for Faro Arms


Weird and wonderful styli
Examples of unique styli that Renishaw are regularly asked to design and manufacture. Feel free to challenge us!


Effects of continuous scanning on stylus balls explains the phenomena that can affect scanning accuracy.



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