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Rotary Repair

Fadal VH-5C, VH-65, VH-165, & TR-165 Rotary Table Repair



  • Ever been quoted over $7k for the repair of your rotary when it is $7k new?
  • Been promised your repair will be done on a date, and they were weeks late?
  • Has it taken weeks just to have it looked at?
  • Did you get one back from repair only to find it's not right because it was not tested?

Not only does carry all the parts for Fadal rotary units, we do full-on rebuilds in-house as well.

  • 2-3 week turnaround on typical Rotaries
  • Full 1-Year Warranty - Just Like new!
  • All Rotary units are Renishaw Laser Calibrated and re-mapped for your pitch compensation and backlash values. You are given full calibration paperwork with each rebuild.

Here's our streamlined process

  1. Call for a Return Authorization Number.  We create a sales quote in our system to match the rotary you are sending in.
  2. Send it to with a full description of its problems as you know them.
  3. We receive your Rotary Table (Rotab) and call so you know it is received.
  4. We read your description of the troubles, put it on a machine, plug it in, and see what we can find.  We check for motor and cable issues, leaks, excessive backlash, problems with rotation, dead spots, drag, and more.
  5. You are called with a full quotation and detailed description of what we find. You are given options on what MUST be fixed and what can be glossed over if you are on a tight budget.
  6. Once approved, we get started. From this stage, it's a pretty quick path to making that call that "We are shipping it out today!"


"You should really feel good about the image that your company projects.

When a company (a little one like mine anyway) calls for a part, it is probably a VERY bad day at their shop. And, with the economy as bad as it is (the worst we've seen it in our business in 23 years) they probably:

1)      can't afford the part (not budgeted for it),

2)      can't afford the time it takes to be down waiting on a part,

3)      can't afford the labor time it takes to install the part...but ...

4)      can't afford NOT to get the part and try to affect a repair themselves, if at all possible because they can't afford a tech to come in and charge
         thousands and possibly leave them down too.

I know it sounds like "poor mouthing" but the truth is the truth and that is where most of us find ourselves with reducing business and aging equipment, and when we do finally dial the phone and inquire about our parts needs and is SO appreciated...when the person on the other end see's us as a customer, tries to help us, and understands that we didn't budget for the failure and are desperate to get the machine going as soon as possible. And guess what...over the past year that is exactly what I have gotten each time I have called or emailed CNCPROS."

~ Larry S., GA

We're ready when you are! Give us a call at (208) 855-9426 today. has no affiliation with Fadal Engineering or any of their related companies.