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Annual Preventative Maintenance

Fadal and Haas Preventative Maintenance
Verticals   •   Lathes   •   Horizontals

  • Lathes: $900
  • Vertical Linear Guides: $900
  • Vertical Box Ways: $1500
  • Horizontals: $1250

Maintenance Performed

Level machine
Check/adjust XY squareness
Check spindle tram
Verify proper tool change position (Z pos)
Verify proper TC rotational adjustment
Verify proper spindle orientation position
Verify rigid tapping & adjust asnecesary
Verify system adjustment
Adjust all system voltages as necessary

Replace Waylube filter
Verify lube pump

Backup parameters

Final Check

Check to see all axes, tool changer, coolant TC, and spindle all operate properly. 
Ballbar Analysis Report to validate machine performance.


Misc. Checks
Air pressure
Air & hydraulic lines for leaks, cracks, and other problems.
Air solenoids for leakage/operation
Waylube level, lube to ways & lines
Check/replace way cover wipers
Work lights
ATC-clips, tool locator tabs, springs, etc.
Incoming voltage; adjust transformer taps
Replace spindle belts, inspect pulleys
Check draw force __________lbs.
Meg motors
Feel balscrew motion by turning with hand. Look for smooth movement and minimal backlash
Perform push pull test on X & Y axis
Spindle motor fan operation
Operation of chiller system (if applicable)
Set backlash
What's Included
Ballbar Analysis Included (VMC/s only)
Complete PM documentation with Ballbar analysis
Laser calibration is available

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