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Minimum Investment - Maximum Impact

No other single improvement can positively impact the productivity of your CNC milling process like SPIDERCOOL. When flood coolant is precisely aimed at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of length, you achieve the following:

  • Faster Cycle Time – precise coolant aim on every cutter enables optimum speeds and feed rates. Expect a 10% improvement.
  • Unattended Machining – Operator intervention to manually readjust coolant is no longer required which can increase cut time a minimum of 15 minutes per shift.
  • Increased Tool Life - Coolant is precisely and automatically aimed at the cutting edge of every tool where destructive heat is generated.  The result is a minimum 25% increase in tool life.
  • Process Control – The critical machining variable of poorly aimed flood coolant is eliminated.
  • Safety – There is no longer a need for the machinist to reach inside the machine enclosure, near sharp cutters, to readjust coolant lines.
  • Liability – One avoidable coolant related injury can far exceed the cost of the SPIDERCOOL.


Return on Investment – In a typical single shift application, SPIDERCOOL will pay for itself in well under a year and often time less than 6 months. This means every applicable milling center equipped with a SPIDERCOOL system will add more than its cost to your bottom line every year thereafter.

Retrofit your existing machining centers and make sure
your next new machining center is equipped with a SPIDERCOOL system!


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